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Being a data provider, our apps takes you on top of HK 1st hand property market.

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scroll the details

To deliver in-depth details of the property. Keep track on both price lists and transaction records.

  • estate news & bed room configurations
  • unit sales status in graphical display
  • price lists date
  • transaction records
  • related developers
  • location map with nearby developments

have fun
in finding your interests

to redefine the property groupings and the results is amazingly handy.

- brochure date
- HK, Kln, NT, Islands area and 60 sub area
- over 70 developers
- bedroom numbers
- 樓盤名字數順序
- estate name in alphabetic order

to rank by sqft price
and nos of bedroom

To rank the property by sqft price and nos of bedrooms. The units built and units sold of individual property is vital for users to understand actual supply and demand.

nearby developments
on Google Map

data services

We have more than 15 years of professional experience on collecting and disseminating data to the regional banks and institutions. And are extremely strong in time series especially on economic research, securities, housing and geo-technical data. So do email us on what is on your mind.